Ravi Kotecha - Examples of web design & development

1) www.vizuri.co.uk - Co-Designed for a leading software testing and IT Risk Management Company.

2) www.search123.uk.com - Co-designed this search engine.

3) www.totalhostsolutions.com - Co-designed and developed, and also run this web hosting solution of which I am a partner of.

4) www.geothermalsystemsltd.com - Designed and developed for a small company that installs geothermal systems. (currently unavailable)

5) www.harrowvisualarts.com - Designed and developed for an arts forum that is a branch of Harrow Council.

6) www.inspirationphotography.net - Designed and developed for a photographer.

7) www.theblackeagles.com - Designed and developed for an acrobatic performance group

8) www.trycomclaims.com - Claims Management Complany's site under going development. Design is viewable at www.ravi.me.uk/trycom

9) www.x-tremestreet.com - Designed and developed for a group of dancers and acrobats.

10) www.ravi.me.uk/nationwide - Awaiting design approval

11) Okavango Ivory Trails

12) www.jammedia-productions.co.uk/test - Under production and multimedia testing

If you would like to get in touch please contact me on 07956 205561 or e-mail: ravi@jankotex.org.uk